Georgetown Time Machine: Wisconsin and M

Today for Georgetown Time Machine, we’ll visit the heart of commercial Georgetown: M and Wisconsin.

The photo, part of a series of aerial shots of Wisconsin Ave., is from about 1960. For the most part, not a lot has changed between then and now in this scene. But here are some notable differences:

The building on the north side of Grace St. along Wisconsin Ave. is still the former building. The building now occupied by Patagonia came later. And across the street, you can just make out the old building that once stood where a surface parking lot is now.

The Georgetown Park mall was still about two decades away from being built, so you can still see what the block looked like when it hosted a streetcar facility.

On Prospect St. you can see what once was a large dairy. It was the Sealtest Dairy, but before that it was the Wise Dairy (at least according to Ed Emes who lived next door to it).

A block north you can see that where the Georgetown Inn now stands was just a large parking lot. We can pretend than a small blur along this stretch is Senator John Kennedy walking down N St. to grab lunch at Martin’s.

That’s really about it. Most things haven’t changed much in 50 years. Hurray for historic preservation.


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  1. Interesting to note that there used to be a building on the south side of the canal, between what are now an architect firm and Chaia taco restaurant. The facade of the now-demolished building serves as the gateway to the small park on the site as well as the pedestrian bridge that crosses the canal over to Georgetown Park.

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