Georgetown Time Machine: M St.

This week on Georgetown Time Machine, GM visits (again) the intersection of M St. and 34th. This photo has a nice view of the north side of M between 34th and Bank, which is what GM will focus on.

As for time, GM believes this photo is from the early 1960s.

The first thing that jumps out at you when you look closely is the shops just east of what would become the Cellar Door:

The first building on the left was the Eagle liquor store. That’s not too unusual, although the large neon sign is clearly long gone. (There were once tons of neon signs through Georgetown. It’s a real shame so many of them are now gone.) But next door was a bait, tackle and sports good shop. (It’s unclear what the name was. Look even closer and you can see it sold guns too. GM’s not sure what is harder to conceive of being sold on M St.: fishing bait or guns.

The liquor store had a parking lot just to the east of the gun shop.

Next to the parking lot was a Little Tavern burger shop. This was a regional chain that opened up dozens of small burger shop with the same green and white distinctive look. There were actually two Little Taverns in Georgetown, both of which are still standing. This one is occupied by the original Sweet Green. The other was incorporated into Paolo’s.

Beyond the Little Tavern you can see that the east corner of Bank and M St. was occupied by an Esso gas station. This was just one of the many more gas stations that used to dot Georgetown.

Next to that was an Amoco service station and a Chevrolet dealer. As this time there was far more car dealers and shops in places like Georgetown. The Dean and Deluca was an auto parts shop at this time, for instance. There’s a lot of old retail GM would love to see come back to Georgetown, this type, however, isn’t one of them.

You can see they even stored cars on the roof. This building was torn down at some point.

Finally, GM always like to point out how the sidewalks on M St. were previously concrete. It’s easy to see the brick sidewalks and think they’re a remnant of the past, but they’re really just a recent addition meant to look old.

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