Georgetown Used to Have Way More Gas Stations

The former Valero gas station at the corner of Pennsylvania and M has shut down and will be torn down to make way for an apartment building. The Exxon at M just west of the Key Bridge is also marked for closure. The other Exxon in Georgetown–at Wisconsin and Q–has also been identified as a possible redevelopment site. There is a chance that within five years or so, there may be just a single gas station left in Georgetown. That might seem to be too few for you, but you’d be hard pressed to justify the number that there used to be.

The photo above shows the intersection of M St. and 30th in 1971 (during a citywide May Day protest that blocked streets everywhere). Aside from its documentation of the historic protest, this photo is also fascinating for showing how many gas stations used to be on M St. There’s one on the southwest corner (it was call Call Carl’s) and another on the northeast corner (that one was an Esso). Two more properties at the corner of 29th and M St. appear to be service stations as well.

(There was yet another gas station at Q and 27th in the early part of the 20th century, but it was gone a long time ago.)

GM believes there may have been at least one more gas station west of Wisconsin Ave., but he was unable to verify that.

So we may have gone from as high as eight stations down to one. GM will leave it to you to decide if that’s progress or not.


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5 responses to “Georgetown Used to Have Way More Gas Stations

  1. Tom Birch

    In the mid 1970s there were three gas stations on M west of Wisconsin: 36th St NW corner (Exxon still there, formerly Mobil; Bank St NE corner (Esso); and Potomac NW corner (Texaco). East of Wisconsin was the Esso station on NE corner of 30th and another sprawling station on the SW corner where the former Latham Hotel stands. The former gas station on the NE corner of 29th and M for a time in the 70s was a gourmet hot dog stand called Hot Diggety Dog with picnic tables on the service area in front along M.

    At the corner of Wisconsin and Q were the two still existing and a third, the beloved Lad Mills’ station on the SE corner. The NE corner was home to a classy foreign used car lot: Jaguars, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and MGs. Sent from my iPhone


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