Commander Salamander Recreated For Wonder Woman 2

In connection with the filming of Wonder Woman 2, the production crew has painted 1415 Wisconsin Ave. to appear like the much loved former Commander Salamander.

This is consistent with the rumors that this movie is going to be set in the 80s, which was the heydays of the funky shop. This is also consistent with GM’s prediction made a couple weeks ago:

The movie is supposedly going to be set in the 1980s. And GM’s theory is that they are going to temporarily use the former Appalachian Spring space and turn it into an 80s era shop, or the like.

If only there were some sort of a betting market for stuff like this, GM could’ve made a bundle!

The original Commander Salamander was opened in 1977 by Wendy Ezrailson. It specialized in punk and new wave fashions, selling a whole generation of Washingtonians their first rebellious hot pink go-go boots and pre-torn t-shirts (or the like). It hit its peak during the next decade, when the neighborhood around it also hit a peak of cultural relevancy (which might explain why a movie set in the 1980s would choose Georgetown as a backdrop).

It appears they plan on shooting interior scenes, as they are trying to recreate the post-modern synthesizer glissando-look of the 80s:

Here’s some genuine footage of the interior of the store in the 80s, which was actually less art-house postmodern and more New Wave:

The original location, of course, wasn’t 1415 Wisconsin Ave., it was 1420 Wisconsin Ave., which is now M & T Bank. Here’s what Commander Salamander looked like in the early 1990s:

But it’s clear the producers don’t have any vintage 1980s photos of the store because the look they’re attempting to recreate was what the store looked like right before it closed in 2010:

Even on that note they cheated a bit by using the military font for both words, when the genuine sign used one of those wacky 90s fonts for the word Salamander.

Anyway, it’s not the real deal obviously, but if you want to squint a little you might be sucked in by an undertow of manic panic memories.



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4 responses to “Commander Salamander Recreated For Wonder Woman 2

  1. Is it a given that a few seconds of this track will be used in WW2?

  2. C Young

    Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman lived and worked in Washington, DC…well, she worked in MD at NSA. So more than Georgetown being a cool location for the 80’s it is the accurate story plot line.

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