Ferraris Multiply

As GM mentioned last week, the East Village red Ferraris have multiplied. He went by the block yesterday and conveniently found them all on the same block.

GM noted three years ago that the collection of two Ferraris–a Ferrari California and a Ferrari F12berlinetta–cost about $500,000. Now they’re joined by a Ferrari 488, which costs at least $250,000. So that brings the grand total to $750,000 worth of Ferrari on the block.

Here’s the family:

GM has absolutely no idea who owns these cars. He’s asked around and has not found the answer. Do you know? Why does this person love red Ferraris so much? How does he (let’s face it, it’s probably a he) choose between the three? Why can he afford three quarters of a million dollars worth of car but not off-street parking? So many mysteries!


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2 responses to “Ferraris Multiply

  1. I, too, continue to wonder about the answers to all of these good questions. I also wonder why the person is not embarrassed to take up so many parking spaces!

  2. I live around the corner, and a neighbor told me years ago that the guy with the Ferraris is a Ferrari Dealer. That neighbor wasn’t particularly reliable, and I have no idea if that’s true, but that would explain it.

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