JFK Mural Complete

The mural honoring JFK’s speech at Berlin that was being painted last week on the side of 3401 Water St. is complete. The allusion to Kennedy’s speech is now clearer, with the phrase “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” now written.

Other than the text, the mural has added quite a dash of color since GM first saw it being painted. (And, no, the phrase doesn’t really mean “I’m a jelly doughnut“). It’s quite attractive now.

Speaking of murals, GM was further down Water St. and noticed a big blank concrete wall that would make for a great canvass:

What a perfect spot for a large mural painting depicting the famous boating clubs across the street (Potomac Boat Club and the Washington Canoe Club). A painting depicting the view of the clubs (plus the burned down Dempsey’s Boathouse) through the Key Bridge arches would make for a particularly nice scene. Or perhaps a photo like this could be transposed:

Just a thought!

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