New Bagel Shop Coming to Georgetown

A highly regarded deli that specializes in bagels is opening its second location in Georgetown. The deli, called Call Your Mother, has maintained a location in Park View for a little under a year, but it is already quite popular. Calling itself a Jew-ish deli, it pulls on the traditions of northern cities delis, but with a twist.

The deli will be opened in 3428 O St., which is the location of the soon to close Greenworks flower shop. Call Your Mother’s owner, Andrew Dana, told Eater that he was attracted to the pink building. So maybe the garish paint job will stay (much to the consternation of a lot of people, GM estimates).

There are still a bunch of hoops the shop has to jump through before opening. It’s got minor exterior changes to be approved by the Old Georgetown Board, which probably won’t be an issue. But it also needs to get zoning relief due to the fact the location is not actually zoned for commercial. It can continue operating by using the grandfathering, but by introducing a new non-conforming use it needs to get a special exception. GM has heard from at least one near by neighbor that there could be some pushback. Thus arrangements regarding hours, deliveries, trash, etc., will likely have to be hammered out with the ANC.

GM predicts this store will do gangbusters. Saxby’s across the street is already packed frequently (especially after Holt Trinity Church masses) so this shop will likely draw from that demand. Plus, Georgetown is starved for genuinely good bagels, and this shop makes some of the best bagels in DC.

With Dent Place Market opening soon and offering Bullfrog Bagels (another top DC bagel bakery) and this, west Georgetown will go from bagel desert to oasis in a matter of months.

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