The Ballad of the Abandoned Dean & Deluca Catering Van

Dean and Deluca is dead. Long live the Dean and Deluca catering van.

Specifically, long live the Dean and Deluca catering van that has been left abandoned on Volta Place for months.

GM first noticed in September that the van had been left there, unmoved. The Georgetown Dean and Deluca closed at the end of July. This was part of a company-wide downsizing. There are now just a handful of stores still open. Some sort of bankruptcy seems to be in its near future.

But yet the van remains.

Shortly after GM noticed that the van had been there for quite a while, the block was slated to be repaved. No parking would be allowed. The van had already racked up a couple tickets:

Surely it would be towed away.

And yet when the crews came to repave the street, the van remained:

They tore up the street around the van!

It seemed like the van had declared itself a sovereign state. No city agency could pierce its hold on this precious square of asphalt.

But then the crews came back and finally moved this scofflaw van.

But all they did was move it one block to the west:

While the van’s grasp on Volta Place remains, the tickets continue to pile up (although not as much as you’d expect):

$280 to store your commercial van on the streets for several months is not a bad deal really. If Dean and Deluca ever emerges from bankruptcy, they can thank DC for its forbearance.

This is how it stood October 4th. Surely it would be finally towed by now?


At this point, the van is working towards historic preservation protection, a contributing element to the neighborhood’s retail past.

But realistically, someday this van will be gone. Either Dean and Deluca’s creditors will show up with a slim jim, or the city will finally impound it. And thus we all will be reminded that life is fleeting, death inevitable.

Sic Transit Obsonatus Van


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4 responses to “The Ballad of the Abandoned Dean & Deluca Catering Van

  1. potomacgirl

    Ditto. Wonderfully written!

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