Georgetown’s Sweet Tooth Turns to Chocolates

Georgetown’s frozen treats options have taken a beating in recent years. We’ve lost Dolcezza, Ben & Jerry’s, Tasty Frog, Pinkberry, Sugar Lab and Crepe and Creme. But two new shops set to open this year will shift the focus to chocolate.

The first is L.A. Burdick, which has had signage up at 1321 Wisconsin Ave. since last spring. While the delay has been long–and there’s even a vacant property sign on the window–they were still applying for an awning as recently as November, so it appears they are still coming.

The second is Harper Macaw, a DC-based chocolate company. It is moving into 2920 M St. You’ve probably seen Harper Macaw’s vibrantly wrapped chocolates in fancy markets around town. This would be their first stand alone shop. You used to even be able to tour their chocolate factory–ideally without losing your misbehaving child down a tube–but they’ve suspended tours while they move the factory to a new location.

Chocolates can’t beat an ice cream on a hot summer day, but fancy chocolates aren’t half bad.


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