Georgetown Time Machine: Georgetown Cupcake

This week on Georgetown Time Machine, GM visits the corner of 33rd and M St.

The photo above is looking north from this intersection up 33rd St. It’s from John Wymer photo collection (housed at the DC Historical Society). GM has discussed this collection before. It was created by Wymer as he wandered around the city around 1950. This particular photo is from July 1, 1950.

The left side of the photo is now occupied by Georgetown Cupcake. In 1950, it was a garage, which was far more common on M St. back then. The building across the street, which now houses Peet’s Coffee housed an electronics store that appears to have sold sewing machines and vacuums.

Interestingly, it looks like the homes up the east side of the block have changed quite a lot. Many of them once had enclosed porches:

Which they don’t have anymore:

The front porches of some of these houses have these oddly large brick bases, which now makes sense.

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