The Georgetown Metropolis

Dumbarton Oaks Park


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  1. georgetowncitizen

    Dumbarton Oaks Park is a pearl of Georgetown and features in so many photos on the TheGeorgetownMetropolitan website. And for about ten years our community has contributed to the annual fund drive of the non-profit ( which has striven to restore it…and of which I previously was a Board member. But it has never been enough to meet the real task: finance engineering works to arrest storm water run-off which is destroying the park and its stream/ornamental dams through erosion. So I hope the community enjoys the photos on this site, but that it might also dig a bit deeper the next time it receives an annual appeal..or maybe even before then. The National Park Service simply doesn’t have the money (and never did) to keep the park up to standard, so it needs volunteer support from our community or else it will fall into deeper decay.

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