Georgetown Time Machine: Booming Georgetown

This week in Georgetown Time Machine, GM looks back to an effort almost 99 years ago of Georgetown businesses to boost interest in the neighborhood with a splashy section in the Washington Herald Magazine.

The section consisted of two pages of photos and ads:

What’s particularly fun about this is that it shows a grouping of street level photos of shops in Georgetown circa 1922:

This is now the Cos (the former Benetton).

This building is sadly gone. The Georgetown Inn now stands in its place.

Weaver’s of course still operates out of this location, although the building changed quite a bit after a fire in the 1960s.

3206 M St. would be the City Tavern Club, which doesn’t look like this building at all. So perhaps the street numbers changed?


This cafe operated out of the building that now houses El Centro (and, for many years, Third Edition before that). Interesting to see that it’s been a restaurant for so long.

This spot is now occupied by the Laduree shop. You can even still see the elaborate finial hanging above the door that you can see in the photo.

This is right next to the Potomac Garage, that GM looked at recently. But like the garage, the building is long gone.

This former hardware store is now a Sephora.

This second hand store was in the building currently occupied by Chipotle. However, the current building is Art Deco, which makes GM think it was probably constructed after 1922.

Georgetown in the 20s is a funny period to consider. It was already starting to emerge from the period of time when it was largely a slum. But full blown nostalgia didn’t quite take over yet in the way it did in the 1930s. It was just an old quarter of the city struggling to reclaim some of its former glory.

One more final note, this was probably a terribly planned day to put this spread in the paper. The front pages were reporting on the absolutely stunning news of the Knickerbocker Theater tragedy:

People were probably a lot more interested in reading about that than the goings on in Georgetown!


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  1. Thomas Neale

    Interesting to see the Fussell Ice Cream Company. Wonder whether it was connected in any way w/ the Sealtest Dairy Motor Pool that formerly occupied the “Morton’s Steaks/Cafe Milano” location on Prospect Street. Sealtest, and its predecessor, Chestnut Farms Dairy, also had a dairy at 26h and Penn, now occupied by The Westbridge and the Patton-Building.

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