Parking Enforcement to Return in June

As GM mentioned in February, parking enforcement has been essentially suspended since the early days of the pandemic. That will start to end starting June 1st.

This development was reported recently during one of the Covid status news conferences. Specifically the following enforcement will resume:

  • All parking rules
  • Vehicles will be required to have valid registration and license plates
  • Towing will be enforced
  • Street sweeping rules will be enforced

Some have groaned about the return of this enforcement, but any Georgetown ought not to. When you allow non-residents to park for free and without time limit, they will take up a lot more parking spaces. So if you find yourself circling the block a lot more recently, lack of enforcement probably is contributing to that.

The press briefing did not clarify if the RPP parking rules would be included in the enforcement. These are the rules that say that streets have a two hour parking limit, but residents are exempt. Part of the reason these rules haven’t been enforced is that new residents have had difficulty getting DC plates. So, the logic goes, there’s no way to tell between a Virginian who’s just parking all day in Georgetown, and a Georgetown resident who just moved from Virginia.

Getting new plates is still a challenge, but you may need to redouble your efforts if this includes you. You may have just a month.


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