Parking Enforcement Resumes

As previously discussed, parking enforcement has resumed in Georgetown (and the rest of DC). The city had stopped ticketing most infractions since the beginning of the pandemic, but that has (almost entirely) come to an end.

Not all infractions were overlooked over the past year. For instance, parking in an illegal spot could still garner you a pink reward under your wiper blades. But parking meters and other time limitations were unenforced. Some viewed this as a boon. Travel along the mall early in the morning and you’d see car after car with Maryland and Virginia plates, as nearby workers took advantage of the unlimited free parking.

But for residents in neighborhoods like Georgetown, it was a different story. Those same cars with Maryland and Virginia plates have been able to remain parked on residential blocks all day long with zero consequence. This in turn reduces parking for residents. It has also allowed the hundreds of off-campus Georgetown students to keep their out-of-state cars on the street all year. (Theoretically off-campus students could register their cars in DC and get a parking permit, but they rarely do).

Another wrinkle GM has observed, particularly since last summer, has been the presence of out-of-state plated cars that are clearly owned by full-time DC residents. In some cases this can be explained due to the backlog at the DMV, which has made it tough for new residents to change their car’s registration. But in plenty of cases the cars clearly aren’t from new residents (bumper stickers full of local private school stickers is a tell). GM has strong suspicions that it’s evidence that the owner is using a second home in states like Florida to avoid paying taxes in DC (i.e. tax fraud) but that’s just speculation.

In either event, if they don’t want to get tickets, they’ll either have to send their car back to their condo in Miami or make a trip to the DMV.


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