Yoga Slash Co-Working Space Coming to Wisconsin Ave.

A new co-working space is coming to 1510 Wisconsin Ave. (the former location for Luigi Parasmo Salon). But this one comes with a twist. And maybe even a human pretzel, if you’re flexible enough. The new space, called Alkōva, also offers yoga.

It’s unclear how the two will interact. GM would love it if it was expected that the customers do both simultaneously, but that’s probably not the plan. This would be the first and only location for the company, so there are no other examples to look to, but the company offers this description:

We’ve created a place where you can peacefully work, practice yoga, or both. This space, like an alcove in a city, is a respite from the disconnection present in the outside world. While we can’t control all external chaos, we can provide the tools for you to create an inner oasis, wherever you go.
Our co-working space offers a tranquil setting for collaborating with others or finding a quiet corner to yourself. Our expert yoga instructors lead classes that challenge the physical body and prompt introspection. Despite the Westernization of yoga, we aim to keep our teaching close to yoga’s authentic form while still making it accessible for all bodies.

Presumably the co-working spaces and the yoga spaces will be segregated. But GM would still love to see the comedy that could ensue from putting them together. A boy can dream…


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