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Liquor License Gold Rush On Again!

As first reported by the Washington Business Journal yesterday, the ABC board is about to release four liquor licenses into the Georgetown moratorium zone. And one of them will be the coveted tavern licenses. But we’ve been down this path recently, and the result may leave many disappointed.


The heart of Georgetown is covered by a moratorium on new liquor licenses. There can be no more than 68 in total, including the inactive licenses being held “in safe keeping”. This moratorium has been in place since 1989, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be removed any time soon.

There are benefits and drawbacks to the moratorium (that GM has written about here). But the primary impact is that if you want to open a new restaurant in Georgetown, you have to buy one of the inactive licenses on the secondary market. GM has heard from establishments that paid around $90,000 to buy one. This is a significant disincentive for new restaurants in Georgetown.

The Last Gold Rush

Several years ago when the moratorium was being renewed, ABRA and the ANC worked together to make seven new licenses available. This was an acknowledgement of the problem described above. It was hoped that quality restaurants would take the opportunity to snatch up the virtually free licenses.

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ANC Preview: Getting Drunk Later Edition

Next week the ANC meets for its April session (and it’ll actually be in the respective month for once!). Here are some potentially interesting topics:

Senator Charles Percy Plaza

As described the other day, the Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park are requesting that the intersection of M and Wisconsin be named after Senator Charles Percy, who was instrumental in the creation of the waterfront park. Jack Evans has legislation authorizing the change and the ANC is scheduled to discuss the proposal. It will likely pass.

It is interesting to consider that following the likely name adoption, the only politician formally recognized on the streets of deeply Democratic Georgetown would be a Republican. A Republican of the nearly extinct breed of liberal Republicans, but a Republican no less. Maybe in a small way it’ll help destroy the old cliche about the Georgetown dinner party-set.


As means to “enhance revenues”, the city is proposing to allow bars to serve liquor until to 3 AM on the weekdays and 4 AM on the weekends. This is not likely to be too popular in Georgetown. The reality is that it actually would not make that big of an impact because most bars are restricted by their voluntary agreements from serving after a certain hour, regardless of the legal maximum. This issue came up during the Obama inauguration when a lot of bars were restricted from taking advantage of the later last call that weekend.

But rather than rely on a hodgepodge of voluntary agreements, the ANC is likely going to object to the new hours. One other change that the city is proposing to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. That would be great, if you ask GM.


As previously reported here, the Barnes and Noble is going to be replaced by a (goddamn) Nike Store. They’re coming for approvals of signage, among other things. GM fears that they will turn the large windows into a giant billboard, a la the tacky front of Sportszone. As long as the signs are set back from the windows, there’s not much that the city can do to prevent this, so hopefully GM’s fears are not justified.

Here’s the rest of the agenda:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E
3265 S Street, NW • Washington, DC  20007
(202) 724-7098  • anc2e@dc.gov • www.anc2e.com
ANC 2E Public Meeting
Monday, April 2, 2012
at 6:30 p.m.

We will be meeting this month at the Georgetown Visitation School, 35th and Volta Place, Heritage Room, first building on left by gatehouse, 2nd floor

Approval of the Agenda

•       Approval of April 2, 2012, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda


•       Approval of  February 27, 2012 Meeting Minutes
•       Public Safety and Police Report
•       Financial Report
•       Transportation Report
•       DPW Report

Community Comment

•       Mayor’s budget meeting for Ward 2 – Thursday, April 19 at Sumner School
•       Introduction of the new president of the GU Student Association

New Business

•       GU Campus Plan update – Additional filings due April 12 and April 19, 2012
•       Request by the Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park to support proposed legislation naming the intersection of K Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW “Sen. Charles Percy Plaza”
•       Marine Corps Marathon, October 28, 2012
•       Funding for expanded Circulator service affecting Georgetown
•       Bike DC, Sunday, May 13, 2012
•       Proposed legislation that would extend ABC hours to 3 a.m. weekdays and 4 a.m. weekends


•       3700 O Street, NW, ZC No.  07-23B, Georgetown University Athletic Training Facility, Application for approval of modifications of previously approved plans

DDOT – Public Space Committee

•       3029 Q Street, NW, Application No. 65604, Application for curb cut


•       1206 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, License No. ABRA-01758, Best Wing, Inc. operating as Blue Gin, Voluntary Agreement

Old Georgetown Board


1.      SMD 03, 1316 34th Street, NW, OG 12-163   (HPA 12-273) Residence, Front and rear parking pads, Permit
2.      SMD 03, 3417 P Street, NW, OG 12-182  (HPA 12-293) Residence, Rooftop mechanical equipment, Permit
3.      SMD 03, 3417 P Street, NW, OG 12-184,  (HPA 12-295) Residence, Alterations to fireplaces, replacement window, Permit
4.      SMD 05, 3040 M Street, NW, OG 12-154  (HPA 12-254) Commercial, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme for “Nike,” Permit
5.      SMD 05, 3299 M Street, NW, OG 12-164  (HPA 12-274) Commercial, Sign scheme for “Redfire Grill Kabob,” Permit
6.      SMD 05, 3333 M Street, NW, OG 12-173  (HPA 12-284) Commercial, Addition of pre-fabricated structure to Sweet Greens, Permit
7.      SMD 05, 3212 (3240) Grace Street, NW, OG 12-146   (HPA 12-243) Residential, New building, Concept – revised design
8.      SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-132  (HPA 12-229) Retail, Sign scheme and temporary construction sign scheme for Suitsupply, Concept
9.      SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-187  (HPA 12-298) Retail, Sign scheme and temporary construction sign scheme for Suitsupply, Concept – revised design
10.     SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-174  (HPA 12-285) Hotel, Awnings, green screen for ivy on clock and stair towers, Concept
11.     SMD 06, 1510 31st Street, NW, OG 12-066  (HPA 12-116) Commercial, Roof deck – existing, Permit / Concept
12.     SMD 06, 2805 M Street, NW, OG 12-166  (HPA 12-276) Commercial, New storefront, rear addition, sign scheme for “Shophouse,” Permit
13.     SMD 06, 2802 P Street, NW, OG 12-121  (HPA 12-204) Residence, One-story rear addition, garage off rear alley, Concept – revised design
14.     SMD 06, 3138 P Street, NW, OG 12-180  (HPA 12-291)  Residence, Two-story rear addition, Concept
15.     SMD 06, 2812 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 12-147  (HPA 12-244) Residence, Reconstruct front wall and replace siding – in progress, Permit
16.     SMD 06, 1533 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-185  (HPA 12-296) Commercial, Rear addition, Concept
17.     SMD 07, 3210 R Street, NW, OG 12-160  (HPA 12-269) Residence, Rear porch, alterations, solar panels and HVAC on roof, Permit – revised design
18.     SMD 07, 1815 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-104  (HPA 12-179) Commercial, Roof top addition and deck, sign scheme for “Noodles & Company,” Concept – revised design
19.     SMD 02, 1669 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-155  (HPA 12-255) Commercial, Awning and blade sign for “Macaron Bee,” Permit – revised design
20.     SMD 02, 1600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-165  (HPA 12-275) Commercial, Sign scheme for “Edible Arrangements,” Permit


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • New Bistro will try to open on Prospect St. GM frankly can’t see this get by without a big fight from the neighbors.
  • Nice tribute to Sen. Percy and his connection with Georgetown.

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ANC Roundup: Moratoriums get Moratoriumier

So soon did lose his seat and all at once – King Henry V, Act I, Scene 1

Seats are wonderful things. They allow us to stop standing, at least for a little while. They also allow us to eat sitting down. And drink. And drive cars to restaurants in order to eat or drink sitting down. And in Georgetown, anything that might attract more people in cars to anything is immediately viewed with suspicion. So it is from that observation that GM turns to the great Seat Moratorium War of 2009. Skirmish One of this war took place last night at the ANC meeting, and it was just one of the highlights of the last ANC meeting till September. Continue reading


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