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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by BeyondDC.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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ANC Roundup: An Apple Falls in Line

Quick and efficient, yet thorough, ANC meeting tonight. We had farmers markets, beer, grocery stores, pistols, and fire hydrants. And that was just the first half. It all led up to the finale, when Apple showed up with the tail between their legs and proposed a more traditional design. How did the Commission respond? Find out after the jump.

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Fisher to Georgetown: I Want My Shiny Plastic

Apple's Proposal - As illustrated by the Georgetown Metropolitan

Apple's Proposal - As illustrated by the Georgetown Metropolitan

The other day, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher weighed in on the decision by Georgetown’s ANC and the Old Georgetown Board to reject Apple’s second design for their proposed store at 1229 Wisconsin. Anyone who follows Fisher shouldn’t be surprised that he’s inveighing against the city’s preservationist Mandarins. Unless you’re talking about baseball or radio, Fisher typically has no time for historicism. But does he have a point? Read more:

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