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Monumental or Eyesore?

West Heating Plant


Last month, a consortium of investors, including the Levy Group and Four Seasons, won the auction to purchase the historic West Heating Plant on 29th st. The future of the building is now in doubt, but is it worth saving as is?

No formal plans have been presented by the winning group, but you can read between the lines of their few public statements. Most tellingly, in a letter from the Zoning Administrator to the group’s lawyer, the general proposal to tear down most of the building was discussed. The request asked what the zoning implications would be to keep the 29th St. facade but tear down most of the rest of the building.

Some, like GM, think the entire building is worth saving. It’s a striking example of a austere Art Deco style in a city mostly untouched by that style. The front facade, (which the group seems likely to keep anyway) is a muscular and monolithic edifice, that is detailed with a precise yet delicate brickwork borders:

1000 block of 29th St.


The rest of the building carries on that muscular hulk:

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by tdr28.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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Fisher to Georgetown: I Want My Shiny Plastic

Apple's Proposal - As illustrated by the Georgetown Metropolitan

Apple's Proposal - As illustrated by the Georgetown Metropolitan

The other day, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher weighed in on the decision by Georgetown’s ANC and the Old Georgetown Board to reject Apple’s second design for their proposed store at 1229 Wisconsin. Anyone who follows Fisher shouldn’t be surprised that he’s inveighing against the city’s preservationist Mandarins. Unless you’re talking about baseball or radio, Fisher typically has no time for historicism. But does he have a point? Read more:

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