What Apple’s Proposal May Have Looked Like

Riddle Me This Steve...

As reported by the indispensable Georgetown Current, and then picked up upon by Washington Paper City Desk and Greater Greater Washington (hell even the Wall Street Journal got in on it) Apple has been having a tough time getting design approval for its proposed store at 1229 Wisconsin (where the French Connection UK used to be). Its most recent proposal was rejected at the December ANC 2E meeting (which GM attended but had to leave before they got around to this). Two days later, the Old Georgetown Board (which carries more even greater weight than the “great weight” of the ANC) also rejected the most recent design.

There’s been a lot of talk but no visual plans are readily available (if only GM had stuck around that meeting…) Into that void, GM has fired up Photoshop and tried to come up with a visual approximation of what the most recent plans may look like. Take a look after the jump:

As described, the plan includes:

  • A glass lower story
  • A white stone upper facade
  • A big window in the shape of the company’s logo

So what would that look like? Maybe something like this:

Apple's Proposal

One caveat: the is some discussion in the reports that the proposal is only one story. However, that conflicts with the specific descriptions of the proposal, which seem to include at least two and probably three stories.

In GM’s view, this is not an appropriate design for Georgetown. While a few storefronts in Georgetown have modern touches (e.g. big plate glass windows, simple clean lines) none are full-out modern from toe to tip the way that Apple’s design (apparently) is.

What do you think?



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  4. Mike Licht

    The Apple Store controversy is really a plot by that interfering schemer Bill Gates.

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