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ANC Round-Up: The Sublime and the Profane Edition

Photo by Uggboy.

As announced in GM’s ANC Preview last week, Ugg Australia will be moving to the old Diesel location on Wisconsin. GM’s already had his say about his take on the popular boots, but he will add that the store design presented last night was down right tasteful.¬†And it’s this balance of the sublime and the profane that seemed to define last night’s meeting.

Trolley Tracks

DDOT came by to update the community on their plans to rehab the trolley tracks on O and P Streets (actually, technically these are streetcar tracks since trolleys are streetcars that use overhead wires, which weren’t used on these streets).

The Sublime: What these streets will look like. Eventually. The tracks will be ripped up, repaired, and replaced with a newly secured foundation. The cobblestones will be ripped up, cleaned up, and replaced. The tracks will be flush with the cobblestones, hopefully preventing any more dangerous driving conditions. The sidewalks will be repaired and the trees protected or replaced.

The Profane: It’ll take a long time to finish. DDOT is estimating 18 months. GM is estimating at least two years. During which travel will be severely disrupted on those streets. Continue reading


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