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The Morning Metropolitan

Canal mule by Brownpau.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Both the Office of Planning and DDOT came out in opposition to GU’s campus plan yesterday (well, technically OP supported it, but with conditions that GU will likely find incredibly objectionable). GM will have more on this later this morning.
  • Some waterfront restaurants starting to reopen.


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The Coming Zoning Fight

Next Monday, CAG will hold its November meeting and the topic of the night will be zoning. While this topic sounds a bit dry at first, it is an incredibly important topic for the future of Georgetown and the city at large.

Right now the Office of Planning is engaged in a multi-year project to completely revamp the District’s zoning code. Many changes are needed to modernize the code and bring it in line with modern expectations.

The Office of Planning is also using this process to set out a direction for how the city will grow over the next fifty years or so. Central to that vision is the need to add many more residents without adding many more cars. To achieve that goal, among other things, the revised zoning code will encourage higher density of residential units and facilitate more mixed use of residential buildings.

How Georgetown fits into that vision is where the fight will be. The Office of Planning is expected to proposed regulations that apply to all corners of the city immediately upon adoption. An eventual carve out from the general rules for Georgetown is expected though. So what should that carve out look like? What happens in the meantime? Can or should Georgetown turn its back on future of the city’s zoning plan? These questions and many more will have to be answered. Continue reading


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Update on the Landshark Lager Sign

The other day GM wrote about the billboard at 3345 M St. advertising Landshark Lager beer. It was put up on the windows of a vacant building owned by EastBanc. GM asserted that it probably violates the Old Georgetown Act if not other relevant rules and regulations.

Turns out it’s “other relevant rules and regulations” not the Old Georgetown Act that apply. GM got in contact with the Fine Arts Commission, which oversees the Old Georgetown Board. The approach they are taking is that if a sign does not stay up for 60 days, it is not subject to the Old Georgetown Act. So GM was wrong to assert that this is a clear violation of the Old Georgetown Act.

However, since the sign appears in the Georgetown Historic District, it is subject to the jurisdiction of the Historic Preservation Office in the District Office of Planning. Upon being notified of the sign by the ANC (which happened last week) the enforcement office of the HPO notified EastBanc that even a temporary sign like this requires HPO approval.  Since that approval was not sought EastBanc has until next Monday to remove the sign or face a $2,000 penalty. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • The Citizens Association of Georgetown is in discussions with the Office of Planning and Zoning to create a special zoning plan for Georgetown.
  • DCMetrocentric gives us a bird’s eye view of Georgetown in the 1940’s.
  • Sprint for the Cure this weekend along the C&O Canal to benefit cancer research.
Photo by Flickr user Ohad used under Creative Commons.

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