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ANC Round Up: Apple Redux, Reuse, Recycle

If last month’s ANC seemed quick and efficient, this month was pretty much the exact opposite: slow and tortuous. In the end, not much happened, but any ANC agenda with the Apple Store on the agenda is significant in some way. Plus GM got a resolution passed! Find out more after the jump:

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ANC Preview: Will Apple Show Up?

ANC2E’s February meeting is scheduled for next Monday (yes, Monday not Tuesday) February 2nd. In addition to the new day, they are moving locations as well. They will now meet in the Georgetown Visitation’s Dance Studio, which is “the building with the large windows at the east end of the first parking lot.”

Besides the obvious excitement that will come from a new time and a new place, the agenda is a doozy. Bring the popcorn and find out why after the jump:

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