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A Peek Into the North Face

GM stopped by the North Face to see how the construction is coming. It looks like they might meet the August opening deadline after all:

View of the North Face Store Under Construction on M St.

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North Face Construction Begins

North Face to Open in Georgetown

GM stopped by the future North Face location (3333 M St.) on Sunday to see if construction has begun yet. As it happens, the general contractor was there too. GM spoke with him and learned that construction is actually starting today. The whole building will be gutted and despite this ambitious plan, the store is scheduled to open in August.

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ANC Round Up: Apple Redux, Reuse, Recycle

If last month’s ANC seemed quick and efficient, this month was pretty much the exact opposite: slow and tortuous. In the end, not much happened, but any ANC agenda with the Apple Store on the agenda is significant in some way. Plus GM got a resolution passed! Find out more after the jump:

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The North Face to Open in Georgetown

North Face to Open in Georgetown

According to the just announced agenda for next week’s ANC meeting, The North Face is presenting a design concept for a store at 3333 M St. This is the first GM’s ever heard about The North Face opening up in Georgetown, and the Google hasn’t heard about it either.

That space was most recently used for Foto Week DC, and before that it was the doomed-from-the-start Artefacto furniture (when the construction of your building is held up because of a massive sinkhole, that’s not a good omen). It’s a huge space and only so many tenants could carry it, but perhaps the name brand of North Face and it’s proximity to a prime market at Georgetown University will mean success.


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