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Quiet Protest at the Friendly Estate

Way back in 2006, Marc Teren purchased the Friendly Estate on 31st St. across from Tudor Place. Afterwards, he waged a years-long effort to subdivide the property. He wanted to build a second home on the back of the property along Avon La. The effort was defeated.

His subdivision plans thwarted, Teren instead initiated a significant renovation project of the home, the grounds and the carriage house. The key word there is “initiated”. Several years later and construction is still ongoing. Although, “ongoing” is not really accurate. The more accurate thing to say is that it is incomplete with little signs of activity.

If Teren had any friends on the block after trying to subdivide the property, he likely has none after turning the house into a perpetual construction site. And over the weekend, a sign of that discontent appeared at the property.

GM didn’t get a great shot, but you should be able to read it. This is what it says: Continue reading



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