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Friendly Estate Opens it Doors

Last weekend, the Friendly Estate at 31st and Avon opened its doors for a rare peak inside this slow motion train-wreck of a construction site. (For those unfamiliar with the back story: read this).

Since the new owners of the estate have taken control of the property from Marc Teren, they have tried to spruce up the house with things like a front door. But get beyond the door and you can see that whoever does finally end up with this house has a lot of work ahead of them.

The inside of the house is still completely gutted. While the new owners have done their best to clean up the house, it still feels like the workers are just on their lunch break or something. Continue reading



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ANC Preview: Georgetown Heights’ Time to Shine

North east Georgetown (which was historically called Georgetown Heights) doesn’t get talked about a whole lot at ANC meetings. There aren’t any bars there. There are hardly any students. And those two issues alone account for a large percentage of most ANC discussions.

Well next meeting that changes. Northeast Georgetown is the subject of each one of the New Business items on the agenda (well, 4 out of 5 if you don’t count Rose Park as northeast Georgetown, which it isn’t quite).

Here’s what they are:

  • The Hurt Home is on the agenda to discuss widening the curb cut to the alley. Some neighbors think this is essential since the alley itself will be widened. DDOT, however, has said widening the curb cut isn’t appropriate.
  • The Friendly Estate was deemed to be vacant and blighted by the city, resulting in a gigantic tax bill. The new owner wants it reclassified back to occupied and not blighted. It’s not clear whether they will either: A) occupy it or B) make it not actually blighted, before they want the reclassification.
  • Proposed changes to late night bus schedules for D2 and G2 (OK G2 isn’t really northeast Georgetown either). The ANC has successful prevented cutbacks in the past, but GM’s not sure they can do that now.
  • 3029 Q St. apparently wants a curb cut, which both the ANC and DDOT has generally opposed.
  • Rose Park Master Plan

And that’s all just the new business! MRP Realty will be back with modified plans for their overhaul of Washington Harbour. That long promised boutique hotel on 31st St. will present its first plans. And, as always, plenty more.

Here’s the draft agenda: Continue reading

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Friendly Estate Back on the Market

The controversy-fraught Friendly estate is back on the market. This property, located at 1645 31st St., has been the subject of much turmoil for years. Neighbors likely hope that this step will finally bring an end to it.

The story begins in 2006 when ex-Washington Post executive Marc Teren purchased the property. He wanted to subdivide the property and build a second home (presumably to sell it). The request was repeatedly denied.

Despite the fact that his subdivision plans were thwarted, Teren moved ahead with dramatic renovation plans. Unfortunately, the construction for these plans has stretched out over years and has been repeatedly beset with work stoppages. It would appear that Teren simply ran out of money to complete the job.

And the neighbors have been displeased, as this protest poster that appeared on the property last February can attest:

Continue reading


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Quiet Protest at the Friendly Estate

Way back in 2006, Marc Teren purchased the Friendly Estate on 31st St. across from Tudor Place. Afterwards, he waged a years-long effort to subdivide the property. He wanted to build a second home on the back of the property along Avon La. The effort was defeated.

His subdivision plans thwarted, Teren instead initiated a significant renovation project of the home, the grounds and the carriage house. The key word there is “initiated”. Several years later and construction is still ongoing. Although, “ongoing” is not really accurate. The more accurate thing to say is that it is incomplete with little signs of activity.

If Teren had any friends on the block after trying to subdivide the property, he likely has none after turning the house into a perpetual construction site. And over the weekend, a sign of that discontent appeared at the property.

GM didn’t get a great shot, but you should be able to read it. This is what it says: Continue reading


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