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From the Department of Peculiar Voluntary Agreement Clauses

The Georgetown Current this week chimes in on the late night bar issue (which, by the way, GM covered extensively already). Doing the things that real journalists do, Carol Buckley dug a bit deeper into the issue and discovered that some of the bars that have voluntary agreements will nonetheless be able to stay open late since the agreements say nothing about hours. That apparently includes Le Pain Quotidien, Neyla, and Modern.

Buckley found another priceless nugget. For whatever reason, the ANC didn’t think to insist on setting hours for Modern’s voluntary agreement. But what did they ban in the agreement?

Wet tee-shirt contests and “beefcake” competitions.


It truly bares repeating that at some point our elected officials apparently expressed a concern that M St. was turning into Venice Beach. Not mentioned in the article, but Rhino Bar’s voluntary agreement bans “kicking sand in our faces” and/or “breaking our nerdy glasses and stealing our girlfriend”.


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ANC Round Up

GM gets bored so you don’t have to!

Some fireworks tonight at the ANC. Some of which will result in full posts; but for now here are the high points:

  • Key Bridge will be closed for the inauguration (not to pedestrians though); the DC Chamber of Commerce will hold a meeting this Thursday at the Four Points Hotel at 8:00 pm to discuss all the inauguration issues like these
  • Crime is up 3% in PSA 206, but apparently that’s better than citywide
  • Georgetown gets to renovate 60-120 street lights, should we do them all in one area or the worst first? Tell the ANC what you think
  • The ANC supported Social Safeway’s proposal to keep two driveways for the new building despite DDOT’s inclination to insist on only one
  • ANC voted not to amend the voluntary agreements with the few bars that showed up hoping to get the go-ahead to stay open later for the inauguration (definitely more on this to come)
  • Apple decided not to show up despite the fact that they were on the agenda to present a new concept (GM’s hoping to get a copy of the most recently rejected design soon)
  • ANC rejected Ice Berry’s request for new awnings; but that didn’t matter cause there’s a historical protection easement that banned it anyway. There’s some good news for Ice Berry though, apparently half the Commissioners wanted to leave right there and buy a few scoops
  • The neighbors around Philly Pizza & Grill on Potomac St. are piiiii-isssssed, as would you if your piano teacher neighbor’s house got turned into a late night drunk student hang-out where the pizza delivers block your driveway and the restaurant fumes flood your house. Oh and if they pretty much ignored every zoning rule in the book on the way there.


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