Google Map Confusion Continues

As described last week, Google can’t seem to decide whether Dumbarton is a street or an avenue. But at least there’s a historical explanation for the confusion. So can someone please explain why Google thinks that P St. extends from Foxhall Village through Archbold Parkway to Georgetown University?

Google Map Confusion

Is it a remnant of some ancient P St. version of the Klingle Valley Rd. controversy? (This isn’t a reflection of the streetcar trestle, by the way. That’s a lot close to Foxhall Rd.).

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One response to “Google Map Confusion Continues

  1. Jad

    Google Earth has it too. Mapquest & Windows Live Local don’t. I’m sure it was planned along with never-built Glover-Archbold Parkway, and Whitehaven Parkway. How it ended up incorporated into Gmaps is curious.

    Not much of an issue – b/c it’s a dead end, Google won’t recommend using this route for directions.

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