Apple Store Design Finally Approved

Apple's March Proposal

Original image curtesy of ANC2E, modifications roughly matching those made by Apple added by the Georgetown Metropolitan

As described the other day, the ANC approved the most recent design tweak by Apple for its proposed Wisconsin Ave. store. The Post is reporting that the Old Georgetown Board finally approved the design.

By the way, GM really wanted to be the first to break this, but the staff of the Commission of Fine Arts apparently won’t disclose the results of public meetings over the phone.  Spoilsports.

And since we’ve been down this road before, it’s worth noting that there’s still a tiny, tiny chance the Commission itself will reject the decision of the Old Georgetown Board, something they rarely do.



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7 responses to “Apple Store Design Finally Approved

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  2. jkc

    looks good. i’m looking forward to not having to trek out to VA…

  3. Applehead

    The nations capitol deserves an Apple store, it was worth the wait

  4. GM

    You know it’s just a store, right? It’s not like it’s indoor plumbing or penicillin.

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