Ideas That Didn’t Pan Out (At Least Not Yet)

The Georgetown Metropolitan has been published since December of 2008. Over that time GM has announced a lot of new stores and restaurants or other new treats for Georgetown. The thing is, some of those ideas never saw the light of day. GM would like to list the names of those we never got to know:

Paul's Restaurant - French Bakery on Wisconsin Ave.

Paul Restaurant

Capital Restaurant Concepts, the organization behind J. Paul’s, Neyla, Paolo’s and others, applied to turn the kitchen of the City Tavern Club into a French bakery called Paul Restaurant. While a placemark for the restaurant is still on the BID website, eleven months later and there are no signs of activity in the space.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: Slim

The Mad Butcher

In October of 2008, Jonathan Umbell of Hook and Tacklbox announced plans to open a full service butcher in the space next to Tacklebox. As described at the time, it would have been an awesome addition to Georgetown:

At The Mad Butcher, whole pigs and sides of cattle from local farmers would be brought in and prepared on site. There would be an aging room on the property to treat the meat. The business would sell uncooked meat, and a casual cafe and fine dining restaurant would serve it.

Unfortunately a deal couldn’t be struck for Umbell to buy the property. In June 2009 he told GM that he felt the moment may have passed and he wouldn’t consider opening up at a different location until the economy improved. Needless to say, but Georgetown is still butcher-less.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: None


Oprah at Everymay

When Obama reached the White House, rumors abound about Oprah moving from Chicago with him. The focus was on Georgetown’s immense Everymay estate. Oprah never showed up.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: None

SmartBike in Georgetown

SmartBike is a fantastic bike sharing program that DC introduced in 2008. Georgetown was set to receive at least one of the expansion stations that were supposed to open last spring. Disagreements between DDOT and Clear Channel (the administrator of the program) led to delays and an uncertain future. Last GM heard, it seemed that DDOT was going to switch providers, likely choosing Bixi Bikes. So stay tuned.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: Very Good

Boutique Hotel on 31st St.

Last April, it was announced that a boutique hotel was going to move into the building vacated by the American Association for Justice (nee American Trial Lawyers Association) at 1050 31st St. While a website is up for the project, not much other progress has been made.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: Slim



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12 responses to “Ideas That Didn’t Pan Out (At Least Not Yet)

  1. I first came to Georgetown in 1966. For years, Georgetown had several markets (and butchers) serving the residents of the community. Jack Neam, who passed away at the end of last year, was well-known as a butcher supreme at Neam’s Market (corner of Wisc. and P), now Marvelous Market, sans butcher but they have Wi-Fi. The Food Mart, at 31st and M had a good meat department as well. Today it is Pottery Barn (soon to close). Scheele’s Market on Dumbarton St. was a popular market (Frida Burling could tell you all about it). Scheele’s is for sale. There was also a great meat department at the Grace Street Market (on Grace St. just off Wisc.) where Julia Child used to shop. And in the 1600 block, there was the “marvelous” French Market with the three muskateers at the helm, and Robert the Butcher. Today, the only semblance of a butcher in Georgetown (Safeway doesn’t count) is the person who cuts meat at Dean & DeLuca, but they don’t seem to be too serious about it. With Safeway under construction, it is anybody’s guess where Georgetowner’s go to buy freshly cut superior meats.

    Maybe we were on to something back then. It seemed more civilized. We had grocery stores, butchers, bakeries, hardware stores, quality record and book stores, and high fashion stores for ladies of all ages, not just kids.

  2. I had no idea that the building which I have been begging Anthony Lanier and others to turn into a local grocery for those of us living south of M was at one time a market. Just proves the point of what a great location it is. Sadly, it has sat empty for several years now after its last incarnation as a Chinese restaurant.

  3. Old Georgetowner

    Having been a regular customer at the French Market and Neam’s, and later at Dean and DeLuca when it briefly had a real butcher, I’d have to say that *wise* Georgetowners bite the bullet and shop at Wagshal’s — which is far superior to anything we’ve ever had in Georgetown. Expensive, and worth every penny.

    I go there myself, but they deliver, too.

    (I still miss the FM’s cassoulet.)

  4. GM

    Dave: Well Said.

    William: It’s all the more surprising nothing happens with that space since it comes with a liquor license in tow.

    JiminDC: I stand corrected. They’ll still need to go through the OGB/HPRB process, but they could clear through that before the end of 2010.

    OG: You are absolutely correct about Wagshal’s. It’s the only real butcher in town. Will they really deliver cuts of meat?

  5. JiminDC

    Once the permit is issued, they’re done. Apparently they’ve already cleared OGB/HPRB. It took them over a year from filing the permit to receipt, so that seems about right…

  6. GM

    You’re right JiminDC. I forgot that the first post I published on this was about how they had been approved by the OGB.

    I know for a fact residents of south Georgetown will be very happy when this opens.

  7. Lou N.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about the planned Paul Bakery. I have eaten at other branches in France and Miami. It features surly Gallic-style service, high prices (e.g., $9 for one tasteless microwaved waffle) and (more often than not) stale, dry baked goods. Another example of a great original which became a mediocre chain.

  8. Please someone build us a corner grocer!!!

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  10. Why do we have to get another chain? That’s depressing.

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