WMATA Planning Some Changes to Georgetown Bus Routes

As reported by GGW, WMATA is now considering some changes to a host of bus lines. Metro is characterizing the changes as “adjustments” but in many cases a better description would be “cuts”. And some of those cuts will fall on Georgetown bus riders. But some proposed changes may actually benefit them.

First the bad: Metro wants to cut back weekend late night service on the D2 (Glover Park-Dupont) and the G2 (GU-Howard U). From Metro’s memo, what qualifies as “late night” is not specified. But GM hopes it is after midnight, at least.

Also on the bad side: Metro wants to extend the headways (i.e. the wait between buses) on the morning D1 route (Glover Park-Fed Triangle) from 8 to 10 minutes.

On the plus side: Metro wants to decrease the morning headway for the D6 (Sibley Hospital to RFK) from 10 to 8 minutes. Through Georgetown, the D6 and the D1 have almost the same route, so the changes to the D1 and the D6 should mostly offset.

So in the end: unless you’re riding late on a weekend, the only difference you should see is slightly more D6s and slightly fewer D1s in the morning. No changes are planned for the 30 series routes or the Circulator.




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3 responses to “WMATA Planning Some Changes to Georgetown Bus Routes

  1. Alison

    So, just making it that much more difficult for University students to go out anywhere on the weekends without paying exorbitant cab fares. There’s no wonder they stay in the neighborhood and make noise; there aren’t a lot of other options, are there?

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