Annie Creamcheese Closing


After seven years, it appears the vintage secondhand clothing store Annie Creamcheese is closing up shop. Rather than shut down for good, the store announced on a sign in the window that they are moving to L.A. Specifically the sign states that next spring they will be open in Westwood Village “next to UCLA”.

While it’s only been in Georgetown since 2005, it feels like it’s been here longer, taking its place among other recently departed stores like Commander Salamander and Up Against the Wall as the go-to source of teenage punk chic.

GM wishes the store-owners well on their move out west.


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2 responses to “Annie Creamcheese Closing

  1. Alison

    I wouldn’t necessarily call Annie Creamcheese “teenage punk chic.” Overall, the store was very expensive. The vintage clothing was terrific, but still geared toward a wealthier clientele.

  2. I miss the vintage shop that used to be in the same block as Rugby. The young guy who ran it had a great eye and was a good salesman. I bought several items there.

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