Cashell Alley is Born


Saturday night a new alley was born in Georgetown: Cashell Alley.

As you may remember, last year an impressive young Georgetowner, Raya Kenney, decided that the alley behind her house (and GM’s) needed a name. Displaying a maturity beyond her years, she took this small idea and ran with it. She worked with the Peabody Room at the Georgetown Library and the Historical Preservation Office of the DC government to identify a proper name: Cashell Alley.

The Cashell in question is Hazel Cashell, the original developer of the 3200 block of Volta Pl. After choosing the perfect name, Kenney worked closely with the Office of Planning-who coicidentally is in favor of naming many of DC’s historic alleys-and Jack Evans’ office. After getting a resolution passed the ANC, Kenney then mounted an even higher hill: the DC Council. Due to her efforts, that body approved the alley naming last year. All that was left was the sign unveiling.

And that’s what Kenney and a large group of neighbors gathered to do Saturday night. After some brief words from Councilmember Evans and Kenney herself, she ripped off the tarp and the new name was announced to the world.

Come by and check it out


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