The Georgetown Metropolitan Forgets its Birthday Again

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, GM forgot to mark his seventh anniversary doing whatever this website is. That’s easily at least five more years than he ever figured he would do this. Maybe he should hire a editor in chief so that he can get fired and finally take a break?

Anyway, GM likes to review his most popular articles from the last year. Here it goes:

#5 – Loads of New Stores on the Horizon

This article was the first to announce the coming of Boulangerie Christoph, Lauderee, and Kit & Ace. The news of Lauderee caught the most attention, although it has yet to be confirmed. We’ll see.

#4 – Why do the Exorcist Steps Exist in the First Place?

In all the excitement over the designation of the Exorcist steps as a historic landmark, GM looked into why they exist at all. He didn’t get a terribly satisfying answer, but then again, they’re just stairs. Not all stairs have a dark secret.

#3 – Baked and Wired Dethroned Georgetown Cupcake

Ok, maybe this was a little click-baity. All it was was a report that Baked and Wired won the Washington City Paper’s annual Best of DC vote for best cupcake shop. But now the lines are actually worse at Baked and Wired, so maybe there’s a comeback story here?

#2 – What are those Weird Green Brain Fruit Anyway?

If GM actually collected ad revenue, this article would be the gift that keeps on giving. Written five years ago, it always gets a lot of hits. People just don’t know what Osage oranges are and apparently “green brain fruit” is a common google search they use to find out what it is.

#1 – The Death Knell of Georgetown College Bars

Last year marked the virtual end of college-type bars in Georgetown. And lots of people have fond memories of college-type bars in Georgetown. So this got shared on Facebook. A lot. Like more than the other top four articles combined. You never know what will strike a chord with people…

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