Big New Seafood Restaurant Replacing…Big Old Seafood Restaurant

The Washington City Paper reported this week that the space that was formerly host to Sea Catch, a sprawling old seafood restaurant, will soon host Dyllan’s…a sprawling seafood restaurant.

WCP’s Laura Hays reports:

The best seat in the house at Dyllan’s Raw Bar Grill isn’t a seat at all. For an ideal experience at the 13,000-square-foot restaurant aiming to open in Georgetown by the end of the month, plant two feet in front of the 40-foot marble raw bar. There, frenetic bartenders will be doing everything from popping Champagne and pouring Muscadet to shucking oysters and rolling sushi.

Hays also reports that the restaurant is the baby of Donald Carlin, who was previously the director of restaurants for Stephan Starr (the restauranteur behind La Diplomate, among other well respected establishments). And this might be only the first Georgetown location for him:

He’s so smitten with Georgetown that he’s considering Dyllan’s the first in a series of restaurants. “This area is a winning horse,” he says. “This place has been starved for a really great restaurant group.”

GM was especially happy to hear that the restaurant will be playing up the building’s roots as the location of Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine Company. This company would eventually merge with several others and become IBM. In a neighborhood the has birthed more than its fair share of big name brands (Georgetown Cupcake, Sweetgreen, Blue Mercury, Britches, and more) this one is the granddaddy.

All in all it sounds like this new restaurant will be…basically a lot like Sea Catch. But that’s not a bad thing! Sea Catch was a nice, quiet and cool refuge. If all this place does is continue that, with a fresh coat of paint, that would be good enough.

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One response to “Big New Seafood Restaurant Replacing…Big Old Seafood Restaurant

  1. kerlin4321

    It may end up being a nice, cool refuge like Sea Catch….but certainly not quiet (all that marble!), and sure to be exponentially more expensive.

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