Some Wisconsin Ave. Updates

Last week GM reported on the high vacancy rate of Wisconsin Ave. That obviously hasn’t changed much in a couple days! But he does have some additional relevant information you’ll probably want to see.

The first is that the space that once held Paolo’s is being split back into two. As GM has mentioned before, the historic Little Tavern part of the building was separate into the 90s, when it was merged with Paolo’s (which had opened in the 80s). The two spaces are now being offered for lease separately (and GM hears the original Paolo’s part may already be leased to a new restaurant). So the historic Little Tavern building is being offered as a stand-alone space. Here’s your chance to restart a historic hamburger chain!

Up the street at 1424 Wisconsin Ave., GM can report that work continues on building out the promised 24-hour diner. GM hadn’t noticed any work there is a while, and his original skepticism appeared justified, particularly as the announced “Summer 2018” opening date slipped by. But it does not appear to be a dead project. Plenty of work still remains, so GM is not expected an imminent opening. Winter 2018 seems more likely. We’ll see.

Up at the former Appalachian Spring space, brown paper has gone up in the windows and interior work has begun. GM hears it is just one of the existing Wisconsin Ave. tenants moving (supposedly one of the sneaker stores). This would crush GM’s dream that Politics and Prose would open a branch there. Oh well.

Finally the best news:

GM hears that after getting pushback from the Old Georgetown Board, Chase has decided to open in the old Sports Zone space on M St. instead of the old Neam’s Market. This would be absolutely fantastic news. It doesn’t mean a good market is moving into the space, but this at least leaves the possibility open. A soul sucking bank branch would be the truly worst use of this historic property.

So spread the word to the city’s great small markets, like Glen’s Garden Market or Broad Branch Market: this prime property may be available again!

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