WMATA Considering Significantly Degrading Georgetown Bus Service

WTOP reported yesterday that WMATA is considering significant changes to its bus service for next year. On top of some fare increases, the agency is proposing to shutter dozens of bus lines. Unfortunately for Georgetown five of them go through Georgetown. While the agency is likely going to pitch the changes as rationalization or simplification, it almost certainly will mean worse bus service to and through Georgetown.

Most alarming of the proposals is the proposal to cancel the D1, D2 and G2 lines. The report states that the D2 and G2 would be “folded” into each other. The D1 would simply be eliminated.

There are no details of what that would mean exactly. The D2 runs from Glover Park to Dupont via Georgetown. The G2 runs from Georgetown University to Le Droit Park. They parallel for only a small portion of their respective routes. Presumably WMATA would not stop servicing Glover Park (although who knows with them) so the route from Georgetown to Glover Park would probably remain in the new route. And the route from Dupont to Le Droit Park would also likely remain. It’s what happens to the overlap that is a mystery. It could go along the current G2 route from 35th St. east. Or it could stick to the Q St. route of the D Series. Either way, people will likely have to walk further to get what isn’t even guaranteed to be any better service.

On top of this terrible idea, WMATA is also ending the 30N and 30S service. This is less of a surprising proposal. These are the last remaining routes of the former fully crosstown 30-series. WMATA has chipped away at this long ride over the years, substituting shorter legs. The report says the rides on the western end would be replaced with 31 and 33 routes. Only the 33 goes east of Foggy Bottom to downtown. This is all part of WMATA’s push to get people to transfer to Metrorail instead of riding all the way across town. It is proposing to introduce free transfers between buses and Metrorail to ease the sting.

An additional change is the cancelation of the D5 route. This route goes along M St. and out to the Palisades via Canal Rd. and MacArthur Blvd.

WMATA will claim that this all will improve service somehow. It will be a lie. It will be up to the leaders of the community to push back against this crap and assert that a neighborhood like Georgetown, where Metro doesn’t reach, must have as good bus service as is possible.


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5 responses to “WMATA Considering Significantly Degrading Georgetown Bus Service

  1. Don Bianco

    I agree, Topher, that is not any sort of “improvement” and will result in much diminished service to Georgetown and Glover Park. We frequent all of the routes proposed for reduction. Instead of utilizing Metrorail more often, we are more likely to increase use of taxis and ride services, just the opposite response to the goal of reduction of District traffic!

  2. qstreeter

    Combining the G2 and D2 is a terrible idea! In the mornings the west-bound D2 is so full it often won’t stop to pick up passengers between Dupont Metro and Duke Ellington school (that’s all of Georgetown!), and the G2 is certainly not empty at those hours. Presumably it will retain the Glover Pk loop at the western end (that’s really all the D2 is), the D6 will be the only bus that will get within several blocks of the University.

    I’m a big fan of the crosstown buses. At night and on weekends, even going as far as Stadium/Armory this can be as fast as transferring to Metro, certainly less hassle. But I accept that during peak hours this isn’t a good way to move lots of people long distances. But dropping the 30s limits options for getting between Foggy Bottom and Georgetown, unless they significantly increase the frequency of the 31/33s. So even using the rationale of trying to get people to/from Metro to continue their trips, the proposed cuts will leave Georgetown less well connected.

    As Don says above, expect to see a lot more cars, taxis, and maybe even scooters on the streets if all of these changes go into effect.

  3. This is terrible. We rely on the G2 to get our son to school every morning. His school is north of U street and the bus stops pretty much in front of our house. We switch to the 64 at 11th and P.

    Now granted, this would all be a moot point if DCPS would simply allow 3 and 4-year-olds to attend their in-boundary schools without having to lottery in, but that’s not how it works.

    The city is making us attend school far away but cutting transportation options that would get us there. Ridiculous.

    I guess I can drive during rush hour to a school with no parking lot for drop-offs, then drive back home to park my car, then commute to work?

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