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Updates to Aren’t They Building

Every once and awhile, GM remembers to get around to updating his “Aren’t They Building” list. And today is one of those onces in a while.

So here’s GM’s updates on the items that need updating:

Paul Bakery
-GM’s old predictions: November 2010spring 2011 Late summer 2011
-Clearly GM’s been wrong now three times on this project. But it really does look like it’s opening soon; so GM is going to say November, a full year after the first prediction.

Calvin Klein Underwear
-GM prediction: fall 2011
-GM was a bit too conservative, they opened a few months ago

All Saints
-GM prediction: August 2011
-That one was about right.

Boutique Hotel on 31st St.
-GM prediction Late 2012
-They are now finally moving forward with this one, but don’t have a new announced date, but late 2012 still seems likely.

Georgetown Waterfront Phase II
-GM prediction: –Late 2010 to early 2011 August 2011
– They were just one month later.

Developing Georgetown Post Office
-GM prediction: 2011 at the earliest Late 2012
-This project seems to have been a bit stymied. It’s still moving forward, but the procedure is just taking a lot longer. GM thinks this now won’t come on-line until 2013 at the earliest.

Billy Reid
-GM prediction: Fall 2011
-This one was supposed to go into the Riccardi shop on M St., but last time GM checked, Riccardi hadn’t left yet. So it’s unlikely Billy Reid is coming in very soon.

Jack Wills
-GM prediction: Winter 2011
-Another one GM was way too conservative on. This one’s been open for months.  Continue reading


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