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The Morning Metropolitan

Hyde Addison

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to enroll your child in Pre-K at Hyde-Addison next year, you need to enter the lottery TODAY. Moreover, if you plan on newly enrolling your child in kindergarten through fifth grade at Hyde next year, the school would like to know so that they can plan spaces according. Please contact Principal Dana Nerenberg at 202.724.9055 or via email at dana.nerenberg@ dc.gov.
  • ANC meeting tonight to, among other things, adopt a resolution against Georgetown University’s ten year campus plan.
  • Huge news: Eastbanc is planing to turn the Key Bridge Exxon into condos.


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New Billboard Almost Certainly Breaking the Law

GM was out on M St last weekend walking over to the Georgetown Running Company to pick out some new running shoes when he came across the garish billboard seen above. It’s been applied to the windows of the currently vacant space between North Face and the (also vacant) Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory. The building is owned by East Banc.

The ad is for a beer called “Landshark Lager” an Anheuser-Busch beer made for Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant. While the yellow parts of the sign above are plastic adhesive signs, the black rectangle is actually a big screen TV playing ads for the beer:

This sign almost certainly breaks the law. While some building can get away with huge signs announcing their impending opening (like there was at the North Face store) this doesn’t appear to be announcing any new establishment. That is, at least GM hopes it’s not. We don’t need something as incredibly cheesy as a Margaritaville in Georgetown. Continue reading


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Lanier Holds Court for CAG

Last night, the Citizens Association of Georgetown held its September meeting at the Thomas Moser store on M St. Georgetowner and real estate magnate Anthony Lanier held court for the entirety of the meeting dispensing his wisdom and world view to the packed furniture show room.

A native of Vienna (Austria, not Virginia), Lanier arrived to Georgetown in the 80’s. He founded East Banc in 1987, and has since then gradually brought the best of European urbanism to our village through fantastic projects like Cady’s Alley.

Last night, Lanier spoke off-the-cuff for over an hour discussing his projects, both past and future, and the challenges we face making Georgetown even better. It was a fascinating window into the business of real estate and the thinking of a man who’s been called more than once the “Mayor of Georgetown”.

Continue reading


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Could Georgetown Handle Some More Modernism?

GM is no big fan of modern architecture. He thinks it has its place, but in a walkable urban community it often creates a dismal void. And for Georgetown in particular it presents a distinct problem: Georgetown’s primary competitive advantage over other retail districts is its sense of historical place. If it were to lose the appearance of a 19th century village it would become Clarendon without the Metro access.

But should it be a total prohibition? Can Georgetown incorporate more modernism into its built environment without losing its primary competitive advantage? GM thinks it can. And there’s a great example already here in Georgetown of how Modernism can be incorporated into Victorian architecture without overpowering the sense of historical place: Cady’s Alley. Continue reading


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