Guards To Close?

Tim Carman reported in the Post yesterday that the longtime standby, the Guards, was closing temporarily, with the chance it might close for good. Carman wrote:

Owner Hossein Shirvani is apparently locked in lease negotiations with the landlord. The issue is supposed to be resolved soon. If The Guards wins the battle of wills with the landlord, it will likely close for renovations before reopening, Salcedo says.

GM hopes that this squabble will pass without taking down a landmark. He has fond memories of the place, and he’s surely not alone.

Carman noted that the Guards has been open since 1966. That got GM wondering if there are any longer standing Georgetown restaurants. He immediately remembered that Martins has been open since 1933, which takes the cake for Georgetown, as far as GM can figure. But what other restaurants are older than the Guards?

  • Blue’s Alley – 1965
  • Clydes – 1963
  • 1789 – 1962
  • Tombs – 1962
  • Mr. Smith’s – circa 1962

That’s all that GM can think of, is he missing any?

Also, it’s not a restaurant per se, but Scheele’s beats all of these places with an opening date of 1894.


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10 responses to “Guards To Close?

  1. Jacques

    How long has La Chaumiere been open? Or Bistro Francais? I know my parents tell stories of visiting the latter in the 70s.

    I, too, hope the Guards manages to reopen. With Garrett’s closing earlier, the traces of pre-wedding-night revelry for my wife and I and family and friends, are dwindling.

  2. Topher

    I checked La Chaumiere. I don’t remember when it opened, but it was after 1966. I didn’t think of Bistro Francais.

  3. Topher

    La Chaumiere – 1976
    Bistro Francais – 1975

  4. Brad Altman

    Chadwicks 1967
    3rd Edition 1969.
    BTW, The Guard’s was briefly T Gregory in the late 70’s I think.

  5. 1789 opened in 1961, as did The Tombs.
    Billy Martin’s beats everybody….opening in 1930’s.
    Clyde’s opened in the mid-60s.

  6. I have loved The Guards for almost 20 years and will be very sad if it doesn’t come back. One of the few non-homogenized places left in the village.

  7. First Nathan’s, then Garrett’s, and now the Guards?! Please tell me Martin’s owns the real estate, or has a reasonable long-term lease signed up…

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  9. A

    My biggest gripe with The Guards was the rat problem. Downstairs in the bathrooms, upstairs behind the bar. Maybe some renovations will help with that.

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