Now and a Long Time Ago: Maison de Crepes


For this week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM is breaking again from his normal approach of superimposing an old photo on a modern scene. He found this amusing post card selling on Ebay. It’s from a restaurant called Maison Des Crêpes and it was at 1305 Wisconsin.

The restaurant was an attempt at authentic Breton French food. It was started by the legendary Jacques Vivien. The Post obituary for him states that he opened Maison des Crêpes in the 1970s, but it appears that it was actually opened in 1967.

You may notice that the waitresses all are rather attractive. That was by design, as this jobs wanted listing from 1967 suggests:


The reviews were so-so:


Nonetheless it stayed open for several decades and only closed in the 80s when it was replaced by Paolo’s, which is still open:




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5 responses to “Now and a Long Time Ago: Maison de Crepes

  1. Maison de Crepes was one of the first restaurants in Georgetown and in The City of Washington to have a cappuccino machine. It also had a nice wine list for those 18+over.

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  3. Wayne Nobles

    One of my favorite restaurants in DC. Had lunch there a couple times a month for years. Great memories.
    Just another photographer in DC.
    Wayne Nobles

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  5. Ricardo Tappan

    My mother worked at the one in Georgetown as a chef and left there to open the one in Bethesda on Wisconsin Ave in front of the old chevy chase chevrolet. I used to go there after school, (Our Lady of Lourdes) to do my homework, have dinner and then walk or get a ride home from the owner, Francois Vezie, a great and kindly man who is still alive and living in Florida.

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