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Ideas That Didn’t Pan Out (At Least Not Yet)

The Georgetown Metropolitan has been published since December of 2008. Over that time GM has announced a lot of new stores and restaurants or other new treats for Georgetown. The thing is, some of those ideas never saw the light of day. GM would like to list the names of those we never got to know:

Paul's Restaurant - French Bakery on Wisconsin Ave.

Paul Restaurant

Capital Restaurant Concepts, the organization behind J. Paul’s, Neyla, Paolo’s and others, applied to turn the kitchen of the City Tavern Club into a French bakery called Paul Restaurant. While a placemark for the restaurant is still on the BID website, eleven months later and there are no signs of activity in the space.

Chance This Will Come to Fruition in 2010: Slim

The Mad Butcher

In October of 2008, Jonathan Umbell of Hook and Tacklbox announced plans to open a full service butcher in the space next to Tacklebox. As described at the time, it would have been an awesome addition to Georgetown:

At The Mad Butcher, whole pigs and sides of cattle from local farmers would be brought in and prepared on site. There would be an aging room on the property to treat the meat. The business would sell uncooked meat, and a casual cafe and fine dining restaurant would serve it.

Unfortunately a deal couldn’t be struck for Umbell to buy the property. In June 2009 he told GM that he felt the moment may have passed and he wouldn’t consider opening up at a different location until the economy improved. Needless to say, but Georgetown is still butcher-less.

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Mad Butcher Not To Be

GM got in touch with Jonathan Umbel, owner of Hook and Tacklebox, this weekend to check in on the status of his proposed butcher shop/restaurant to go in next to Tacklebox. The plan was first announced last Fall, but GM was starting to get nervous that the plans fell through. Turns out his fears were justified. Umbel confirmed that the plans to open up next to Tacklebox have been scotched because the owner of the property decided not to sell. Umbel said he’s still considering other locations in Georgetown as potential locations, but will not likely make any move until the economy improves.

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Mad Butcher Still in the Cards?

Image courtesy of A Culinary Photo Journal used under Creative Commons License

Image courtesy of A Culinary Photo Journal used under Creative Commons License

GM was so wrapped up in Apple store talk, that he didn’t get very deep into the Old Georgetown Board agenda from March, but sitting in there is some potentially bad news: Jonathan Umbel’s plan to bring a butcher to Georgetown seems to have stalled.

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