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Quick Note to Journalists Covering the Apple Store:

What was approved by the Old Georgetown Board was what’s known as a “design concept“. It’s not the final design. They’ll have to go back through the ANC and the OGB to get the permit for the finalized plans. The designs won’t change that much, but you should be clear that this is by no means the final design or approval (GM admits he’s been a little sloppy about that too).

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Apple Store Design Finally Approved

Apple's March Proposal

Original image curtesy of ANC2E, modifications roughly matching those made by Apple added by the Georgetown Metropolitan

As described the other day, the ANC approved the most recent design tweak by Apple for its proposed Wisconsin Ave. store. The Post is reporting that the Old Georgetown Board finally approved the design.

By the way, GM really wanted to be the first to break this, but the staff of the Commission of Fine Arts apparently won’t disclose the results of public meetings over the phone.  Spoilsports.

And since we’ve been down this road before, it’s worth noting that there’s still a tiny, tiny chance the Commission itself will reject the decision of the Old Georgetown Board, something they rarely do.


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Oh, Never Mind

The Post is reporting that the Old Georgetown Board rejected Apple’s most recent design concept. Apparently they don’t read a certain neighborhood blog that predicted:

The design will be heard before the Old Georgetown Board on Thursday where it will probably be approved. No timetable for construction has been set (they haven’t even knocked down the old building yet, so it probably shouldn’t be expected until early 2010 at the earliest).

Oops. Cue the shiny white pitchforks and tastefully colored torches and follow GM as he performs the post-mortem:

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The Approved Apple Designs

While Vox Populi may have gotten the DCist link love it’s the Georgetown Metropolitan that has the actual approved most recently rejected* designs for the new Apple store at 1229 Wisconsin Ave. Check them out:

The Approved Apple Store Design

Courtesy of ANC2E

As described in GM’s ANC round up, the approved design fits in with the 19th century buildings around it. The roofline matches the building housing Nine West and is decorated by dentil mouldings, echoing its neighbors. Hopefully the actual structure won’t be the blinding white light that the designs make them out to be. More after the jump:

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What Apple’s Proposal May Have Looked Like

Riddle Me This Steve...

As reported by the indispensable Georgetown Current, and then picked up upon by Washington Paper City Desk and Greater Greater Washington (hell even the Wall Street Journal got in on it) Apple has been having a tough time getting design approval for its proposed store at 1229 Wisconsin (where the French Connection UK used to be). Its most recent proposal was rejected at the December ANC 2E meeting (which GM attended but had to leave before they got around to this). Two days later, the Old Georgetown Board (which carries more even greater weight than the “great weight” of the ANC) also rejected the most recent design.

There’s been a lot of talk but no visual plans are readily available (if only GM had stuck around that meeting…) Into that void, GM has fired up Photoshop and tried to come up with a visual approximation of what the most recent plans may look like. Take a look after the jump:

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