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Bit of the Eastern Shore Coming to Georgetown



Recently, Tugooh Toys moved its shop from 1319 Wisconsin up to 1355 Wisconsin Ave. because their lease ran out and a new lease would be too expensive. A sign has gone up in the old space announcing the future tenant: American/Holiday, a homegoods store from St. Michael’s on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

There’s not a lot of information publicly available about the store other than its Facebook page. A Yelp page on the St. Michael’s shop offers this bit of information:

This place just opened a few months ago, and I am so glad it did! The shop is chic, tasteful, and AFFORDABLE, with a great variety of home goods, gifts, and a small selection of women’s clothing. The St. Michael’s location is the flagship for the owners (who are from Washington, D.C.), being just ahead of a new Georgetown spot opening soon. American Holiday is a must see! Continue reading


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The BID’s State of Georgetown

Every February, GM performs a census of commercial stores in Georgetown, tracking what opened, what closed, and what moved. He does this by simply walking up and down the streets (why he chose the coldest moth to do this outdoor exercise, who knows). Some interesting data comes out of this annual report.

Well the BID just release a report on the state of Georgetown that blows GM’s completely out of the water. It was produced by the recently expanded staff at the BID in part to facilitate the Georgetown 2028 process. GM has only started to absorb it, but it is an incredibly dense report with data GM could only dream about pulling together. And it’s beautifully presented as well.

The report is embedded below, but here are some interesting findings:

  • There are almost 11,500 jobs in the Georgetown commercial district, with another 10,000 jobs at GU and the hospital. This results in a job density of about 60,000 per square mile, or about what you see in Dupont Circle or the Rosslyn-Balston corridor.
  • About a third of the jobs are office workers, a little less than a third work in hotels or restaurants, and about 14% work in retail.
  • There are 461 buildings along M and Wisconsin, comprising over 2.2 million square feet of rentable space.
  • There are only 5 LEED certified spaces in Georgetown, compared with 349 for the rest of DC.
  • The waterfront ice rink attracted 45,000 skaters last winter, twice the forecast.

GM could go on, but take a look yourself. It’s awesome, and the staff of the BID, particularly Josh Hermias the Economic Development Director, should be congratulated:


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Georgetown 2028

What will Georgetown look like in 2028? More importantly, what do you want it to look like? Wider sidewalks? Easier parking? More restaurants? Better transit? You may soon have the opportunity to answer those questions, and actually have an impact.

Yesterday the Georgetown BID announced an ambitious new effort dubbed “Georgetown 2028”. The project is designed to take a deep look at what the neighborhood needs to do over the next fifteen years to face the challenges of a city growing and changing at an incredibly fast pace.

From the project’s website:

Future Georgetown must compete against new and “coming soon” commercial areas in the District and nearby areas so it remains home to fine dining, distinct retail opportunities, great hotels, and major businesses. Future Georgetown must have the transportation strategies and system to efficiently move people in, out and around. Future Georgetown, as a riverfront neighborhood, must have the forethought to protect itself from the impacts of a changing climate, including rising water levels. It must understand its future infrastructure needs and decide how it wants its public infrastructure to be designed, used, and managed. And finally, future Georgetown will need to manage all these issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The effort is a breathtakingly broad look at all the changes that need to be made to the physical and business environment in Georgetown. The project is organized around a task force of business, educational, governmental, and residential representatives (full disclosure: GM is on the task force representing the Citizens Association of Georgetown). Supporting the task force are three working groups addressing, respectively, transportation challenges, economic development, and the public space. Those topics give you a good sense for what sort of broad-based topics the project will consider.

And the project is also very wide-open in terms of solutions. And consistent with that, the project is seeking input from the public. There will be a community engagement meeting on June 13th at 1055 Thomas Jefferson St. at 5:30 to 8:00. There will be a second community engagement meeting in September.

But the input isn’t limited to community meetings. The project has already set up a community engagement website, which allows you to log in and offers your thoughts on what you want to see change about Georgetown over the next 15 years. There’s even a rewards program! Build up 150 points by logging in, referring a friend, and contributing enough ideas and you win a lunch with the BID CEO Joe Sternlieb, during which you can share your thoughts on Georgetown and what ideas you have to make it better.

Basically this is exactly the sort of comprehensive and ambitious planning effort that GM has been calling for for years. GM is absolutely thrilled that it is finally happening, and he’s honored to be taking part.


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New Flea Market Coming to Georgetown

Photo by InspirationDC.

For many years, Georgetown has hosted a flea market in front of the Hardy School on Saturdays. It appears that now a second flea market is coming to town.

DC Marketplace, the group behind the Dupont flea market held at 14th and P, is starting a new flea market for Georgetown. It appears that the market will be located on the parking lot behind the Old Stone House. Continue reading

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Reddz Trading Moving into Monarc Rugs Space

GM has learned that the future tenant of the space currently occupied by the soon-to-be-closed Monarc Antique Rugs is Reddz Trading.

Reddz Trading is a consignment shop that currently has just one location, which is up in Bethesda. It appears to focus primarily, if not exclusively on women’s clothing. Actually, GM should clarify that the shop is not technically a consignment shop because they just pay you for your clothes when you drop them off, whether they end up selling them or not. The store’s website calls it a resale store.

Either way, this does seem to be yet another chipping away of Georgetown’s retail diversity.


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Vote for Georgetown in the Best of DC Poll!

Every year the Washington City Paper conducts a reader poll to find out what the “Best of DC” is. Too often the readers poll ends up only identifying “The most patronized but not really that good” (Seriously, Ledo Pizza for best pizza? Come on.). So lets try to make sure some worthy Georgetown stores or restaurants don’t get overlooked.

So here’s GM’s quick list of Georgetown places he thinks rank among the best in DC in their respective categories. If you agree, go here and enter them in. If you have other ideas, throw them in the comments and try to get some votes headed their way.

There are a ton of categories, but GM’s being brutally honest by sticking to Georgetown places he truly thinks are the best in DC:

Continue reading


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It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s Georgetown (Cont.)

Photo by mewwhirl.

Last October, GM noticed that more and more clothing stores that catered primarily or exclusively to men were opening in Georgetown. The trend is continuing.

On top of the new Bonobos Guide Shop in Cady’s Alley, and the Billy Reid coming to the old Pizzeria Uno space comes a men’s barber called Roosters.

GM hears that such a shop is opening in one of the new buildings next to the Safeway. It’s part of a national chain. The website says it’s trying to bring back the stylish manly barber culture of the mid-20th century, but the site design reads more like 1990’s Geocities. Hopefully the local franchisee puts a bit more effort into the finishing touches.


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