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ANC Picture Not So Clear After All

In July, GM speculated that the make-up of the ANC was pretty clear and that there were not going to be many changes. With 6 of the 8 commissioners running unopposed, it still seems likely that there will be little change. But the full lineup remains cloudy after one of candidates for the two student seats failed to make the ballot.

Craig Cassey Jr. had picked up an petition to run for the SMD 4 seat currently held by Jake Sticka. But he apparently didn’t turn in a completed petition by the August 8th deadline. GM reached out to Cassey and he verified that he is going to wage a write-in campaign.

There are a lot of challenges facing students interested in running for ANC. The first is apparent here. They had to be here in DC for their first summer–due to the two year commitment, only rising Sophomores can run– and locate 15 25 people who are also there in the summer and who have changed their registration to their Georgetown address. SMD 4 at least has the benefit of encompassing the Jesuit residence, so someone running for that seat has more potential petition signers. SMD 8 candidates aren’t so lucky. Continue reading

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ANC Makeup to Remain Pretty Much the Same

ANC candidates have until August 8th to turn in petitions to appear on the ballot this November. While that’s still a week away, the likely candidates for Georgetown’s ANC are already clear, and they should be pretty familiar. Every non-student commissioner is running again unopposed. And the two new student commissioners are also set to run unopposed.

So for the record: Ed Solomon, Ron Lewis, Jeff Jones, Bill Starrells, Charlie Eason, and Tom Birch are all running again. Barring some late entrant, the two new student commissioners will be Craig Cassey Jr. and Peter Prindiville.

While GM  doesn’t agree with every stance each existing commissioner takes (some even less than others), they’re a generally good group. That said, for the sake of democracy, it would probably be a good thing if we actually had a contested election every once in a while.

Oh, and this will be the third straight term where all the commissioners are white men.

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Randomduck.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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ANC Race Starting to Shape Up

Yesterday, the Board of Elections released the final maps for ANC redistricting. The ANC2E one is the same as that decided upon by Tom Birch last fall as depicted above.

The map has a few small changes to the old map and one significant change. The small ones include making SMDs 2, 3, and 5 a bit bigger. And the big change is the brand new SMD 8 on the eastern edge of GU campus. (If you want to rehash the fight that produced this map, read this).

Starting on June 15, candidates have been able to pick up nominating petitions. They have until August 8th to collect 25 signatures of residents of their district. So far, sitting commissioners Ron Lewis and Bill Starrels have already picked up their petitions. GM suspects most if not all the rest of the non-student commissioners will go again next year. Continue reading


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ANC Preview: Last Call for Summer Edition

The ANC will meet for its July session next Monday. This is the last meeting before September, which probably makes it a tad longer as more project try to get through (and it definitely makes the September session interminable as two month’s worth of projects are reviewed).

The agenda has some typical projects but one jumps out at GM as potentially interesting. And it’s the West Heating Plant. This landmark property is being sold by GSA. The nearby neighbors want, at the very least, for the currently unbuilt property to remain unbuilt. GSA just wants to unload the property at a good price. And a sub-committee-worth of Congressmen want the same. These are not necessarily compatible desires. Since the auction is supposed to happen this summer, this issue will likely come to a head soon.

GM’s not sure whether the ANC will take a position on the matter. The hope among the neighbors is that either GSA or the city will take steps before the auction to ensure that the open space remain open. This could be either from GSA setting terms to the auction (somewhat unlikely) or the city zoning the property with restrictive zoning (somewhat more likely). Suffice to say a lot of developers are considering spending a lot of money to get the property in their hands. Continue reading

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ANC Preview: Hyde Gym Edition

The ANC will meet next Monday for its June session. It will take place at its normal place and time: Visitation at 6:00 pm.

Two potentially interesting items are near the top of the agenda, both relating to schools.

First, the ANC will discuss the plans to add a new addition to Hyde-Addison. Right now, the kids take most of their gym classes on the playground. The kids really enjoy this, but when the weather is too cold or wet to go outside, they only have a hallway in which to play.

Plans have been gestating for a while in the school to add a new building to the complex to finally provide a gym. The most likely plan would call for the new building to be built where the parking lot is now. Parking would be moved underground.

GM has learned that there’s actually money in place for this project and it could be underway relatively soon. Anyone who has seen the beautiful additions to schools like Janney and Stoddert has reason to be hopeful that the Hyde addition would be a wonderful addition to the school and drive up local interest even more.

On the other end of the school spectrum, the ANC will also be giving an update on the GU campus plan. As they announced a while back, the ANC and other parties to the Zoning Hearing are in mediation right now trying to come up with a negotiated settlement. GM doubts the ANC will have any earth-shattering announcement, but you may be able to read the tea leaves.

Here is the rest of the agenda: Continue reading


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ANC Round-Up: Cars ≠ People Edition

Last night the ANC met for their May session. Unfortunately, as is often the case, a lot of the agenda was built upon the assumption that cars and people are the same thing.

Where this came into focus was during the discussions over street closures in connection with various races. Last night the races at issue were the Nations Triathlon, the Best Buddies Challenge Bicycle Ride, Bike DC, and the Marine Corps Marathon. Each of these events require a few streets in Georgetown to be closed for a few hours on their respective Sunday mornings.

Over the last couple years, the ANC has expressed increasing frustration over the proliferation of events calling for street closures in Georgetown. The heart of these complaints is that street closures, particularly those affecting lower Georgetown, “maroon” people in their homes during the closure. They’re “trapped”. They “can’t get out”.

These street closures can be an inconvenience, GM would just like to remind the ANC that nobody gets “trapped” by street closures, only cars do. People can still leave. They can walk a few blocks and catch a bus or a cab. Or they can just walk to the over 500 stores and restaurants right here in Georgetown. The point is that people and cars are not the same thing.

For the record, each event was approved by the ANC. They badgered a few of the applicants on whether they were charitable “enough”, but with the impacts so slight, the ANC didn’t hold anyone up over it.

Glover Park Streetscape Improvements

As discussed at an ANC meeting last November, Glover Park is currently undergoing a streetscape improvement project that will, among other things, widen sidewalks and reduce Wisconsin Ave. from six lanes to five lanes. This project has generated some anxiety among people who fear the reduction in lanes will lead to an increase in “cut through” traffic on 37th St.

The ANC decided not to object to the project last November, but requested that DDOT perform a traffic count before and after the changes to measure the effect on cut through traffic. Last night the ANC found, however, that the requested traffic count was not performed where they wanted it performed and, more damning from the ANC’s perspective, the “base” count was performed after construction started on Wisconsin. This, the ANC argued, would inflate the traffic count on 37th St. since people would already be avoiding Wisconsin Ave. traffic. Thus when the “after” number is compared to the base number, any increase in cut through from pre-construction numbers would be covered up. Paul Hoffman from DDOT responded to the criticism and stated that they would try to again to get a “base” number during a period of time without any lane closures.

The problem GM sees in this back-and-forth is this: so what if there is an increase in cut-through traffic? Right now Wisconsin Ave. between W Pl. and 34th is a serious hazard to pedestrians. The crosswalks at 35th and Wisconsin are death traps. Have you ever crossed Wisconsin at this intersection? You are seriously risking your life doing so. Even just crossing 35th along the west side of Wisconsin is incredibly dangerous. These conditions must be improved. If a slight increase in cut through traffic is the cost of eliminating the clear and present danger created by the current conditions, that is a cost we have to be willing to pay. Yes increased cut through traffic can create its own hazards, but they’re less than the hazards on Wisconsin right now, and they can be dealt with with other measures such as speed cameras or bulb-outs. Continue reading


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ANC Round-Up: We Can Work it Out Edition

“Life Is Very Short, and There’s No Time For Fussing and Fighting My Friend”

Last night the ANC met for its April session and near the top of the agenda was a possibly significant development regarding the campus plan issue. A couple of other items grabbed GM’s attention as well.

Campus Plan Mediation

Ron Lewis introduced the campus plan development by inviting to the podium Erik Smulson, GU’s VP for Public Affairs, Jennifer Altemus, CAG’s President, and Edith Cecil of the Burleith Citizens Association. These are the primary parties currently locked in the never-ending campus plan fight which is currently under review by the Zoning Commission. The joint message the four groups gave is that they are taking serious steps toward mediating a resolution to the fight outside of the Zoning Commission’s process. Zoning Commission chair Anthony Hood has repeatedly expressed a wish that genuine mediation between the parties would take place, and this appears to have finally started.

The groups filed a joint request to delay the Zoning Commission’s upcoming meetings on the plan by 60 days. During this time the groups hope to reach a negotiated resolution. What terms are on the table? GM has no clue (full disclosure alert: GM is the Secretary of CAG, but as he’s mentioned in the past, he isn’t really involved in this process and that hasn’t changed with this development) . And Ron Lewis wasn’t giving any promises that a resolution could be found. But that said, it’s an encouraging sign for those of us that just want this issue behind us and don’t want to spend the next 8 years until the next plan litigating the current one. Continue reading


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ANC Preview: Getting Drunk Later Edition

Next week the ANC meets for its April session (and it’ll actually be in the respective month for once!). Here are some potentially interesting topics:

Senator Charles Percy Plaza

As described the other day, the Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park are requesting that the intersection of M and Wisconsin be named after Senator Charles Percy, who was instrumental in the creation of the waterfront park. Jack Evans has legislation authorizing the change and the ANC is scheduled to discuss the proposal. It will likely pass.

It is interesting to consider that following the likely name adoption, the only politician formally recognized on the streets of deeply Democratic Georgetown would be a Republican. A Republican of the nearly extinct breed of liberal Republicans, but a Republican no less. Maybe in a small way it’ll help destroy the old cliche about the Georgetown dinner party-set.


As means to “enhance revenues”, the city is proposing to allow bars to serve liquor until to 3 AM on the weekdays and 4 AM on the weekends. This is not likely to be too popular in Georgetown. The reality is that it actually would not make that big of an impact because most bars are restricted by their voluntary agreements from serving after a certain hour, regardless of the legal maximum. This issue came up during the Obama inauguration when a lot of bars were restricted from taking advantage of the later last call that weekend.

But rather than rely on a hodgepodge of voluntary agreements, the ANC is likely going to object to the new hours. One other change that the city is proposing to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. That would be great, if you ask GM.


As previously reported here, the Barnes and Noble is going to be replaced by a (goddamn) Nike Store. They’re coming for approvals of signage, among other things. GM fears that they will turn the large windows into a giant billboard, a la the tacky front of Sportszone. As long as the signs are set back from the windows, there’s not much that the city can do to prevent this, so hopefully GM’s fears are not justified.

Here’s the rest of the agenda:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E
3265 S Street, NW • Washington, DC  20007
(202) 724-7098  • anc2e@dc.gov • www.anc2e.com
ANC 2E Public Meeting
Monday, April 2, 2012
at 6:30 p.m.

We will be meeting this month at the Georgetown Visitation School, 35th and Volta Place, Heritage Room, first building on left by gatehouse, 2nd floor

Approval of the Agenda

•       Approval of April 2, 2012, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda


•       Approval of  February 27, 2012 Meeting Minutes
•       Public Safety and Police Report
•       Financial Report
•       Transportation Report
•       DPW Report

Community Comment

•       Mayor’s budget meeting for Ward 2 – Thursday, April 19 at Sumner School
•       Introduction of the new president of the GU Student Association

New Business

•       GU Campus Plan update – Additional filings due April 12 and April 19, 2012
•       Request by the Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park to support proposed legislation naming the intersection of K Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW “Sen. Charles Percy Plaza”
•       Marine Corps Marathon, October 28, 2012
•       Funding for expanded Circulator service affecting Georgetown
•       Bike DC, Sunday, May 13, 2012
•       Proposed legislation that would extend ABC hours to 3 a.m. weekdays and 4 a.m. weekends


•       3700 O Street, NW, ZC No.  07-23B, Georgetown University Athletic Training Facility, Application for approval of modifications of previously approved plans

DDOT – Public Space Committee

•       3029 Q Street, NW, Application No. 65604, Application for curb cut


•       1206 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, License No. ABRA-01758, Best Wing, Inc. operating as Blue Gin, Voluntary Agreement

Old Georgetown Board


1.      SMD 03, 1316 34th Street, NW, OG 12-163   (HPA 12-273) Residence, Front and rear parking pads, Permit
2.      SMD 03, 3417 P Street, NW, OG 12-182  (HPA 12-293) Residence, Rooftop mechanical equipment, Permit
3.      SMD 03, 3417 P Street, NW, OG 12-184,  (HPA 12-295) Residence, Alterations to fireplaces, replacement window, Permit
4.      SMD 05, 3040 M Street, NW, OG 12-154  (HPA 12-254) Commercial, Alterations to storefront, sign scheme for “Nike,” Permit
5.      SMD 05, 3299 M Street, NW, OG 12-164  (HPA 12-274) Commercial, Sign scheme for “Redfire Grill Kabob,” Permit
6.      SMD 05, 3333 M Street, NW, OG 12-173  (HPA 12-284) Commercial, Addition of pre-fabricated structure to Sweet Greens, Permit
7.      SMD 05, 3212 (3240) Grace Street, NW, OG 12-146   (HPA 12-243) Residential, New building, Concept – revised design
8.      SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-132  (HPA 12-229) Retail, Sign scheme and temporary construction sign scheme for Suitsupply, Concept
9.      SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-187  (HPA 12-298) Retail, Sign scheme and temporary construction sign scheme for Suitsupply, Concept – revised design
10.     SMD 05, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-174  (HPA 12-285) Hotel, Awnings, green screen for ivy on clock and stair towers, Concept
11.     SMD 06, 1510 31st Street, NW, OG 12-066  (HPA 12-116) Commercial, Roof deck – existing, Permit / Concept
12.     SMD 06, 2805 M Street, NW, OG 12-166  (HPA 12-276) Commercial, New storefront, rear addition, sign scheme for “Shophouse,” Permit
13.     SMD 06, 2802 P Street, NW, OG 12-121  (HPA 12-204) Residence, One-story rear addition, garage off rear alley, Concept – revised design
14.     SMD 06, 3138 P Street, NW, OG 12-180  (HPA 12-291)  Residence, Two-story rear addition, Concept
15.     SMD 06, 2812 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 12-147  (HPA 12-244) Residence, Reconstruct front wall and replace siding – in progress, Permit
16.     SMD 06, 1533 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-185  (HPA 12-296) Commercial, Rear addition, Concept
17.     SMD 07, 3210 R Street, NW, OG 12-160  (HPA 12-269) Residence, Rear porch, alterations, solar panels and HVAC on roof, Permit – revised design
18.     SMD 07, 1815 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-104  (HPA 12-179) Commercial, Roof top addition and deck, sign scheme for “Noodles & Company,” Concept – revised design
19.     SMD 02, 1669 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-155  (HPA 12-255) Commercial, Awning and blade sign for “Macaron Bee,” Permit – revised design
20.     SMD 02, 1600 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-165  (HPA 12-275) Commercial, Sign scheme for “Edible Arrangements,” Permit


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ANC Preview: Tudor Place Edition

The ANC meets for its next meeting on Monday. One of the bigger items on the agenda is our old friend Tudor Place.

As covered here in the past, Tudor Place needs to dramatically renovate its facilities to protect its collection of documents and thrive in the 21st century. Their proposals have been objected to by some neighbors who don’t like the scale of the changes. This is particularly the case with the 32nd St. neighbors who object to the proposed changes to the garage along the west side of the property.

Since Tudor Place last made a public proposal, they have hired a new architect and produced plans that have addressed most of the neighbors’ concerns. But some neighbors still object to the proposed changes to the garage. GM personally thinks the concerns are overwrought and that the proposal is not materially different than the current structure. But the neighbors are tenacious and will put up a fight. So come check it out.

Another interesting item on the agenda is on the topic of food trucks. DCRA release rules for comment a while back that would allow food trucks to continue to thrive while finally operating under rules designed for them. When DCRA director Bill Howland was at the ANC meeting last month, he was somewhat blindsided by a presentation by brick-and-mortar restaurant lawyer Andrew Kline, who railed against the proposed rules and requested that the ANC take a position against them. The ANC didn’t take all the bait that Kline laid out, but they indicated that they would probably object to allowing food trucks to operate on residential streets. The ANC is scheduled to talk about food trucks again on Monday, so expect a formal resolution on the matter of trucks on the residential streets.

Here’s the rest of the agenda:

Continue reading


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